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Friday 18 January 2008

The First Pari I Ever Catch

Name : Patrick_L
Catch : Pari
Weight : 1.5kg
Location : Lumut Batu
Time : 10am - 4.30pm
Date : 13-01-08
Rod : Pro Tech Stik
Spool : Abu Garcia 555
Line : 50lbs
Bait : Udang Mati

Story :
At 10am, my friends have start fishing and i came late.I set up everything and chit chat with my friends while waiting for the fishes to get hook on.By 1.20 something in the afternoon,i was at the other side of the rock,preparing the bait for my other rod,and i heard people shouting.I continue to prepare my bait as my friend go to check out who's shouting.When i finishg preparing,i went to my rod and found out that my other rod is being pulled strongly.I dropped my bait on hand and quickly rush to my other rod and try to reel in to check on the rod.It so tight,just like the line sangkut on the rocks at the bottom.I try to reel in but no use,the line really tight and my rod is bending downwards.I release the line then try to reel back in again.This time, the line can be reel in a little more but then still it feel sangkut down below.A boat nearby stop by and ask me if i need help to pull my line.I said ok and one of the fisherman help me pull my line slowly and i quickly reel in my line.When he pull up the end, i saw this beauty hook onto my line.A big smile on my face..It true that fighting with pari is realy difficult and it takes time.It took me 20mins plus the help of the fisherman to reel up this beauty.I hereby have to really Thank the fisherman nearby for lending me his hand to bring this beauty up on shore.And also have to thank an Uncle who teach me and my friends on how to cut the pari's poison needle and how to hold the pari in a proper way.

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