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Monday 14 May 2007

Jig bashing at Brunei drop off.


In my last year 2006 fishing trip to Brunei Drop off so thrills with the bottom fishing, I thought it was going to be my most memorable fishing trip. But I was wrong. My fishing trip to the same spot I found my self in a different situation which was even more hilarious and challenging. On the 12th to 13th of May 2007 a group of nine of us were ready in Serasa at 6.00am waiting for transporting our rods ,baits, Coleman boxes and other fishing accessories using small boat to the big fishing boat belonging to Fred. Among the group members are Kevin, Henry, David, Paul, Henry, George, Gary, Roy & Musa (Joey) (nickname Si*Pengapon* in Brunei Fishing)

Kevin with his lovely grouper

Journey to Droff off

We set off around 7.30am. It took us around 9 hours journey to reach this famous fishing spot called Brunei drop off. Along the way Kevin, Paul, Gary, Roy & Henry were busy set up their trolling gears. Hopefully along the way we can catch Tuna, Tengiri or Giant Travelly but no luck this time. Afternoon we reach at our fishing spot. After the boat was secured, we started fishing. Since current quite strong, we used heavier sinkers. I noticed that big strike to Kevin rod beside me. After a good fight he landed a grouper weight around 5kg as our first good catch.Others in our group including me bring up Kerisi on the average of 1 to 3kg non stop in action.

Amberjack and Ruby Snapper time

By this time it was already 6.00pm, Henry shout big fish because his rod been strike hard by big fish and the ten minutes tug of war resulted in two amberjacks hooked up at the same time. Not even 10 minute after that Roy landed 6kg of Ruby Snapper. The landing of the big one gave a tremendous boost to our morale to land more big ones. How ever no body could break Kevin ‘s record as he landed 12 kg of Ruby Snapper. Paul and I broke our rods as half way fought with the unknown fish.

Roy with his Ruby Snapper during the night.

Every body happy and enjoying the trips this time.....from left:George,Gary,Roy,Joey & Henry.

Tuna Bonito attack

8.00pm. Suddenly George notice that half way there was another aggressive fish took our fish baits and small fish we caught. It was Tuna Bonito. I took my jig rod and start jigging, a moment 15 meters drop my metal jig was strike hard. It’s a good sign for every body as the 1.5kg Tuna Bonito was captured.The jigging party now started. For more than an hour one by one Tuna Bonito bring up to the boat. Seem to be big group of this fish below our boat and we decided to stop jigging due to our cooler boxes we had not enough to contain the fish we caught. Now 1.30am it was a silence hour, everybody already sleeping.

The boat crew cleaning the fish we caught.

Morning breakfast and trolling

I wake up at 5am, It’s so nice and sea so calm. Later I saw Henry came out from the cabin and we started to do bottom fishing. Henry manage to bring up one Amber jack, few coral fish and I caught some kerisi and Emperor fish which local name called ‘Anduping’. This morning as the sun already rises, bottom fishing not promising as our bait less been disturb so we decided to do trolling few round around the area before go home.


A total of more than 200kg of fish we caught including Kerisi, Ruby snappers, Red snapper, Emperor fish, Tuna Bonito, Amberjack and other coral fish. we vowed to come back again for more. At 6pm we were arrived at Serasa.

Si*Pengapon*:More pictures of our catch will be post ….Just continue surf to …

BruneiFishing:"When we bait the hook with our hearts, the fish always bite."

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