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Tuesday 19 May 2009

Sportfishing can reel in lucrative revenue

Recreational fishing: Crew of sportfishing vessel 'The Apollo' lifting a 39kg amberjack, a highly sought-after gamefish by fishermen. The potential of the sportfishing industry is said to be largely unexplored by local fishing enthusiasts. Pictures: BT file/Courtesy of Fred's Fishing Store

Monday, May 18, 2009

BRUNEI has the potential and capability to tap and expand into the sportfishing industry, which, if unleashed to the fullest extent constructively, can accommodate not only the country's tourism sector, but also the Kenali Negara Kitani (KNK) initiative.

According to fishing enthusiasts in the country, there are still hidden locations teeming with highly prized international game fishes, which are sought out for their challenging runs and will appease the hunting spirit of both local and international fishermen.

Razali Ahmad, an angling enthusiast, said that revenues from sportfishing is also lucrative, as in Sabah, Malaysia, who has shifted their fisheries industry by building Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) designated to be tapped only by sport fishermen.

"What they have done to their areas such as Pulau Matanani and Pulau Mabul, has brought in revenues and worldwide recognition. Brunei has that potential as I have encountered numerous places which has the capabilities of an MPA," he said.

Captain Alfred Yong, the only certified captain of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) in Brunei and proprietor for The Apollo, a professional sportfishing vessel, agrees that Brunei should expand into this sector. More stories here.

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